The true meaning of Christmas


Adam Landy

Dazzling Christmas lights strung on houses in the Villebois neighborhood in Wilsonville.

As we near the end of the year 2020 and begin the month of December, the Christmas season takes full effect across the globe. One of the busiest times of the year, Christmas has turned into a fest of shopping, spending, and sales. But what is the true meaning of this now hectic holiday? 

Based on childhood experiences, memories, and traditions, Christmas means something a little different to everyone. It can differ in ways of religion or beliefs as well as methods of celebration. Some love to travel while others stay home. Some participate in community or church service projects to show their love to others.

The true meaning can be felt or shown in many different ways as well.

Sara Stewart, senior at Wilsonville High school shares her interpretation of the meaning of Christmas. “Christmas is almost a break from normal life,” she begins. “It’s the perfect time to relax with family and friends and focus on the important things in life.” Along with Stewart, many enjoy the break from our busy lives whether it be work or school to unwind with family.

Junior Miguel Tejeda explains what Christmas means to him. “Christmas to me is family and spending time with loved ones,” Tejeda states happily. “Christmas is more than a day, it’s a feeling. Having two weeks off of school and getting to see loved ones, even if it may be through a screen this year, is an amazing feeling.” Feelings of joy we experience around this time of year most always have to do with family. Though we may not be able to come together with relatives at this time, there are many ways to reach out virtually. 

Surely, the true meaning of Christmas has not been lost in the hustle and bustle of life around the holidays, but what does it mean to you? We at the WBN encourage you to reach out and safely share Christmas cheer with family and friends and hope you enjoy this merry season no matter what holiday you’re celebrating!