Tis the season of giving back


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Food Drive sign next to food drive bin. Food drive sign found on SW Homesteader Rd.

Tis the season of giving back.

The season of giving is upon us! With the new year closing in, we are able to stop and reflect back on our lives in 2020. You’re probably thinking what is there to be grateful for? 2020 has turned our lives upside down. From the speculated beginning of WWIII, a worldwide pandemic, fires scorching the nation, and a crazy presidential election, where is the love? The fires decimated homes and business after an already excruciating period of quarantine which trashed the economy and took out thousands of small businesses. We are all hurting this year, either from financial troubles, or the loss of a loved one. There is no better way to end the year than giving back to your community. 

The Christmas season has always been one of joy and giving, but it’s also one of hardships and loneliness. Sharing the love is simply a few clicks of your fingers away. Many brands and stores donate a percentage of purchases to an organization that helps those in need. Some credit cards also donate a percentage of purchases during the holidays. While you finish your last minute Christmas shopping, consider shopping at one of these supportive stores. Donations are another wonderful way to share your holiday spirit. There are hundreds of non-profits focused on helping the homeless and families in need.

The way for a most immediate impact is to volunteer. With COVID prevalent in our society, there will be new criteria and guidelines, but visit a local soup kitchen, check your community center for gift distributions to children in need, or bring your friends on a trip to the food bank. 

The impact you can have on your community, and the world even is immense. Share the joy you feel at Christmas time with others. Give someone who’s hurting a reason to be grateful. Make 2020 a memorable year, but not because of all the chaos and suffering, but the good.

Here are links that lead to the 30 best charities to donate to: