Imagine doing art class via Zoom!


Abby Maoz

Abby Maoz’s at home art set up. This year, students have to find space for their art projects at home.

Everyone can agree that classes on Zoom have been a little bit weird. But can you imagine doing an art class over Zoom?

The arts programs at Wilsonville High School have been working hard to make sure that students are able to participate like they would normally when attending in person school. 

The art teachers Ms. Escobar and Ms. Yang have created boxes full of different supplies for each individual student to pick up and use at home. But is just having the supplies enough to get the full experience?

Senior Kailey Galusha, who is taking painting this year, explains, “I have been really enjoying the class so far, it’s very informational and I get to fine-tune my technique, but sometimes I do find it a little difficult to share my art with other students over Zoom.”  

It can be difficult to have such a visual elective when you have to teach in front of a camera. Art can also be something that doesn’t come easy to many students. Ms. Yang, the new art teacher this year, prefers that her students keep their cameras on so that she knows they’re present and engaged in the class and she can help them easier.

It can also be difficult to do demonstrations with a document camera and make sure that all the students understand fully what they’re supposed to be doing. Having the cameras on during class and allowing students to show their work through their camera makes it easier for the teachers to help them.

 The art programs here at Wilsonville has been working hard to make this the best year it can be even if it has to be via Zoom!