In case you were wondering, grades are still important

Online school grades matter, even as much as those in person letters did


Bryan A. Rector

Here is a look at the grade layout in Synergy (the new grade tracking software). This accessibility to grades on a daily basis fosters growth and care regarding grade improvement.

It has been long established that grades are important. Sure, they are simply letters that are not even completely in order which are attached to a piece of paper at the conclusion of each semester (quar-mester, as it were). But it’s the connotation of these disjointed letter sets that means an invaluable amount more.

Being graded on your work in class is a benchmark of your learning and understanding of the material. Furthermore, grades are put under the microscope for college admissions, comparing YOU to thousands of other candidates. Throughout these evolving times though, the question has been asked routinely… Do grades still matter? The answer is yes, without a doubt and ideally you will feel inclined to bring those C’s up over the coming months. Despite the lack of motivation to do so….


— Peyton Tolboe

Grades matter in the way of earning scholarships for academic performance. College is remarkably expensive and scholarships are free money in a sense, given out to those who are high achievers. No family or student deserves to pay north of thirty thousand dollars per year when they do not have to! Just do the work… This idea was evident during a conversation with senior Peyton Tolboe who offered this sentiment- “Scholarships.” Oh yes, I feel you on this one Ms. Tolboe.

Junior Grace Gatto shared different take on the grade conversation- “Grades keep kids engaged and motivated.” Certainly this is true. As you watch the numbers rise and fall you are constantly planning on how to get them to where you want them. Working for a tangible reward keeps the energy high and applies incentive to a river which has run dry.

Emilia Bishop who is a senior volunteered this idea- “Grades serve as a good benchmark to see what you have {learned} and still need to learn.” Grades can help the student identify holes in their learning at which they can work hard to mend and build their grade up. They reveal strengths through success in the sense that one may choose to enter a career path that they enjoy and do well at.

It is very hard to stay motivated during the pandemic and all of there other interferences that society has dealt with this year but the for the aforementioned reasons, you will be better of if you keep those grades in solid standing!