Leadership students create a virtual winter assembly

Two leadership students speak out on how they made an online assembly possible.


Carly Shanklin

Carly Shanklin and her leadership classmates recording a clip for the winter assembly. The winter assembly will be shown in class on December 17, during 1st period.

Due to the pandemic this school year, students and teachers have been spending their time learning through comprehensive distance learning. Not being able to physically go into school has caused students to miss many school-wide events. One event that’s special is the winter assembly, planned and hosted every year by leadership students.

Mr. Sundquist and his leadership classes have decided to create a virtual winter assembly for students and teachers to watch online during their zoom classes. Sophie Wheeler and Carly Shanklin are two seniors who were part of putting together the assembly.

Wheeler was in charge of writing the script; she also had a speaker role to talk to freshmen and sophomores about motivation. When asked about where the assembly was being filmed, Wheeler elaborates, “We are fortunate enough to get permission from our principal to film inside the gym to make it feel a little like an actual assembly.” She also mentioned leadership’s goal, which is how they wanted to “bring a sense of community and unity to it.”

Shanklin was the video editor, another scriptwriter, and an MC. She thought that the most stressful part of creating the assembly was “getting everything done in a crushed time period, as well as filming everything while still keeping covid protocol in mind.” Shanklin recently had an injury, spraining her wrist and thumb. This was a bump in the road that made it a bit more difficult for Shanklin to edit the footage and type up a script.

Although students aren’t able to experience an in-person assembly right now, leadership students are working hard to have students feel like a Wildcat at home.

I am excited for students to watch the assembly. A lot of students and teachers worked very hard for this assembly to be a reality, so having the students watch the work we’ve done is pretty exciting to me!”

— Carly Shanklin

The assembly will be shown in class during first period on Thursday, December 17th. Thank you leadership students and teachers for making a winter assembly possible. We can’t wait to see what’s in store!