Are students’ sleep schedules affecting their academic performance?


Abby Maoz (created on canva)

There’s a new schedule for the 2020-2021 school year. Students are at a larger risk of accidentally sleeping through class.

It’s safe to say that zoom school has altered students’ sleep schedules. Most students would have to wake up at 8 or earlier to catch the bus or drive themselves to school in the morning which starts at 8:30. But not anymore. Now students can wake up at 8:25 and still make it to their computer on time. But the question is, has this affected students’ school habits?

There are times when high school can be a lot of work. Several students have claimed to pull all-nighters or get minimal sleep because we have to get up early in the morning to go to in-person school. This year having such a different schedule with students having only three classes to take per quarter and school getting out close to an hour earlier than it used to, most students are able to put sleep as a larger priority. There’s been a large consensus that online school has benefited student sleep schedules tremendously from the past years. Senior Matthew Troung said, “I went from sleeping 4 hours at night to getting almost 12 hours since school is online.” 

There’s no doubt that students are loving the ability to prioritize their sleep this year, but there’s some concern that the more relaxed schedule of the 2020-2021 school year has affected student school habits. There’s always a fear of falling asleep in class when attending in person school, but with this new remote learning schedule it’s possible for students to not even wake up for class. Senior Jadyn Sherry has experienced this and was honest when asked this question, admitting, “I always sleep through class.”   In fact, this past week an Instagram poll went out asking students if they’ve ever accidentally slept through a Zoom class and 65% of the votes were, ‘yes’, they have slept through a class.  

Remote learning isn’t the same for everybody. Some students at Wilsonville claim that they’re having the best year of their life now that they’re able to prioritize their sleep and have more time to get their work done after school. Although some students may be accidentally sleeping through a class one day, senior Linnea Collett said, “I’m doing the best I ever have in school, I’ve more time in the day to get everything done, less stress. And I sleep more now than school online!” 

It’s great to hear that some of our Wildcats are appreciating what seem to be the few benefits of remote learning, since it’s such a different set up than what students have ever experienced. Make the most of it while you can Wildcats!