Ella Rice and her art business


A peek into Ella’s professional art website where she sells handmade earrings.

There is always difficulty finding jobs in high school that work with class schedules, homework loads, and extracurricular activities. Although most kids opt for the local fast food or retail chains, some students have tapped into their creativity and made their own business to make money.

During the pandemic, in person jobs like fast food and retail have become a bit of a risk. Junior, Ella Rice, took these circumstances and used them to create her own art business. Because of the extra time she has gained from the pandemic, she has been able to create more art and make a profit as well without being exposed to COVID-19. 

Currently, her shop is filled with hand painted earrings but has hopes to expand. She describes her aspirations for the shop, “in the future I will be adding prints of various digital art and acrylic paintings I’ve done. It’s also where I plan to sell my artwork more professionally after high school and college.”  Although at the moment art is mostly a hobby for Rice, she hopes that this business will provide her with more professional art experience that could aid her in a possible future career. 

Unlike most mainstream high school jobs, Rice has found a path that combines her passion, creativity, and aspirations for the future. She expresses her satisfaction with owning her own business, “It’s nice to be able to earn money from a business you created yourself, and it brings a bigger sense of accomplishment than earning money from another job”

Ella can’t wait to continue creating and selling her art and grow her business and skills in the process.