Christmas cookie quiz

Find what cookie you should make for the holidays!



Baking cookies is a crucial part of the holidays. Find what cookie you should make with this fun quiz!

1.What is a must at your Christmas dinner?

A-Asparagus or green beans

B-Whatever has potatoes in it!

C-Fruit salad

D- The bread rolls


2. What do you look forward to the most?

A- Spending time with family and friends

B-All the decorations that go up 

C-All the christmas cookies and delicious meals

D-Giving and receiving gifts


3. How do you decorate the outside of your house?

A-White strand lights

B-Anything and everything that is bright and fun

C-Rainbow lights 

D-The projector which casts images on the house


4. How eager are you to get up Christmas morning?

A- 9:00 because I still need sleep to function, even on Christmas 

B-I will wake everyone up at 5:00am just so I can get to presents faster!

C-8:00 because it’s not too late but I can still sleep

D-7:00, how can people sleep the night before?


5. How do you unwrap your gifts?

A-Unwrap it carefully, I don’t want to damage the gift or the pretty paper

B-Unwrap as fast and chaotic as possible, it’s the most fun

C-Doesn’t matter, as long as you ball it up and throw it at someone later

D-Whenever I need a knife to cut it open, someone else has to help


6. Which of the following is your favorite Christmas movie?

A-Die hard


C-The Grinch

D-Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer


7. If you ran out of time to get a gift, what would you do?

A-Drop everything and go to the store and find something that reminds you of them

B-Make something from the heart

C-Find something cute and basic at the store and call it a day

D-Get a gift and tell them its coming late


8. What is your favorite holiday scent?

A-Pine-Christmas trees are the best!

B-The smell of baking cookies!


D-Hot chocolate


9. What does your tree look like?

A- We just put up whatever ornaments we have in our box

B-All the ornaments are color themed with white lights

C-All our ornaments we put on the tree are sentimental

D-We put all the ornaments we made as kids on the tree with rainbow lights


If you answered mostly “A” you should make peanut butter cookies. They don’t scream Christmas, but they do taste great!


If you answered mostly “B” you should make sugar cookies. You love all the small details of Christmas and can decorate your cookies to be just how you want with colored frosting and sprinkles!


If you answered mostly “C” you should make chocolate peppermint cookies. It is a must have during the holiday season and the taste just screams Christmas. 


If you answered mostly “D” you should make chocolate chip cookies. You don’t have all the time in the world, that’s why you should make chocolate chip cookies, and they can never disappoint.