Wilsonville students celebrate in style!


Hunter McIlmoil

McIlmoil countdown calendar marks one of the many family traditions.

Happy Holidays from the WBN crew! As the big day approaches relatives are flying in, families are flying out and everyone is busy in preparation for the 25th. Seasonal traditions are now coming into play from wrapping door frames Christmas Eve to baking cookies for Santa. But how do you celebrate Christmas? A collection of Wilsonville High School students shared their own traditions and practices they enjoy on this wondrous holiday.

Starting off, sophomore Alexis McIlmoil gives a sneak peak into her family plans for the break. “My family enjoys traveling over the holidays as it’s time my dad can usually take off work. Of course with COVID this year it will be more difficult, but we are prepared to make a safe trip. We plan to travel to Tulum this year and escape the cold.” A sunny Christmas it will be! Senior Kaiya Shivers spent this past week in Mexico as well, enjoying the sand and good weather before returning home a couple days before Christmas Eve. Traveling not for you? There are a number of other traditions that take place in the home.

Senior Cason Dougall shares, “Every year we stay up on Christmas Eve and each read a Christmas story as a family.” Dougall continues, “We end up spending the night watching a movie together.” Nothing like a long night reading stories and watching movies cuddled up with loved ones. Another student attending Wilsonville, senior Abbi Nelson, tells of a rather fun tradition her family enjoys. “We put all our favorite Christmas movies on a wheel and spin it to see which one we should watch.” How exciting!

In terms of preparation, Kaitlyn Morgan, fellow senior, tells of her family’s arrangements. “We always decorate the tree together and make gingerbread houses,” Morgan begins. “We have been doing it since we were little and it’s always something I look forward to every year. We usually have competitions of who can make the best gingerbread house and it’s really fun and competitive.” A wonderful idea for a little Christmas fun! Giselle Dodrill, yet another senior at Wilsonville, and her family enjoy opening their presents on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning.

There are many traditions taking place this holiday season that are all particular to the families who practice them. These unique forms of celebration create a cheery atmosphere in the home with a hint of nostalgia from years passed. We wish you the merriest of Christmas’ and the happiest of holidays. Enjoy the break and we will see you back next year!