Hi, I’m Maddy DuQuette, and as a Taylor Swift fan for the last decade, I was ecstatic when she dropped her surprise ninth album, evermore! I was even more excited upon listening to it because, dare I say, it has no skips! I truly believe it may be her best album to date- however it would be difficult to top Speak Now which is especially nostalgic to me. So, these rankings were quite difficult but I have come to feel confident about them. 

1. champagne problems

I mean, this bridge! I’m not sure how you could not be absolutely captivated by this story.

2. ivy 

Honestly, this is such a close second. I loved illicit affairs on folklore so I guess it’s no surprise that I adore this second perspective.

3. gold rush

Something about the ethereal intro and ending with the upbeat and catchy body of it is so much fun and it’s such a good mix.

4. long story short

I live for the line “if the shoe fits walk in it till your high heels break-” this song makes me so happy!

5. ‘tis the damn season

Again, Miss Swift and her bridges! I adore the nostalgia, holiday spirit, and tinge of regret wrapped up in it. This is easily one of my favorites of all time so ranking it at 5 is a nod to how amazing this album is.

6. cowboy like me

I’ll admit, I usually wouldn’t go for a song this soft spoken but after listening to it a few times, it’s really so adorable and almost mischievous. Also, it’s been stuck in my head all morning…

7. tolerate it

This song is so magical but I just can’t bear to put it higher because it is so so sad. Definitely a fitting track 5, though.

8. no body, no crime

I cannot believe this got so low because I genuinely love this song but I guess I’ll justify it by saying it just doesn’t have as many profound lyrics as the others.

9. willow 

This is such a fun song but falls in the middle of the pack just because those above it are so above and beyond. Also because Swift is very breathy in her singing and I can’t do that, making it more difficult for me to sing  to it.

10. closure 

I really enjoy the lyrics on this song but the instrumentals are a little odd. Are those pots and pans banging around in the background? Anyway, I still love it and the fact that it is upbeat but it would be much higher without the kitchenware sounds.

11. dorothea 

While this song is adorable and the parallel to “‘tis the damn season,” I’m just not in love with it on the same level as the others. In terms of Taylor Swift songs, the lyrics are a little boring.

12. coney island

The fact that she wrote this song about her exes with her current, long term boyfriend is very cool and there are so many great references to her past songs, but it has stiff competition and it’s a bit too slow for my taste.

13. happiness 

This is so precious and just radiates young love, but I’ve never had that so it’s not very relatable and extremely quiet/slow.

14. marjorie 

There are a few great lines in this song but in my opinion, in comparison to the others, it is mostly a bit meh.

15. evermore

You’d think I would love evermore since I loved exile on folklore, but I just never find myself very drawn to it when listening to the album. However, this could be attributed to it being the last song and I likely haven’t listened to it as many times.