Bella Glastra van Loon, Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Bella Glastra van Loon! I have been a Taylor Swift fan for a while mostly beginning with 1989 have I become increasingly infatuated. In my opinion, her newest album, evermore has blown all of her other albums out of the water. Since it has only been out for about a week, my ratings are sure to change but here is my ranking of all the songs on evermore as of right now.

1. willow

This is just a great opener with phenomenal lyrics and a simple and catchy chorus, it is overall enchanting! 

2. gold rush 

This song is full of magical chords that could honestly play in the background of a tinker bell movie. 

3. long story short

The most upbeat song in the album, long story short is a song that makes you want to dance.

4. no body, no crime 

Even though this song is a little too country for my taste, the story telling of a cheating husband and a murder mystery is beautifully suspicious. 

5. champagne problems

This woeful story of a failed proposal is a simple song with a beautifully sad plot that really carries the song.

6. ivy

This song had such an interesting storyline, great harmonies and an amazing bridge near the end making it much more complex than many other songs in the album.

7. marjorie

Despite the simplicity of the chords in this song, the lyrics about her late grandmother almost bring me to tears. 

8. happiness

I’m a sucker for a good sad song and this one is a beautiful reflection of growing apart and remembering the past. 

9. ’tis the damn season

This song is a very cozy song perfect for a rainy day.

10. tolerate it 

Not the most exciting in the album but the perspective was heartbreaking.

11. dorothea

The lyrics and music are on the more simplistic side but still have a fun storyline. It just isn’t the most exciting song.

12. cowboy like me 

Although the harmonies were beautiful, this song was too country for me but still well written.

13. coney island 

Honestly, I didn’t have any opinion on this song. It wasn’t my favorite but there was nothing bad about it either.

14. evermore 

The namesake for the album, evermore doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table besides the parts with Bon Iver at the end.  

15. closure

Closure ended up as the last song because of its very simplistic lyrics and music and I’m not personally the biggest fan of the industrial style drums.