WVHS’ first ever online musical showcase


Jake Young

Senior Cormac Lister and other Wilsonville students at last year’s “Night on Broadway.” This year, a musical showcase is being presented to represent the yearly musical and “Night on Broadway.”

Every winter, the theater and music programs put together a showcase of musical and acting numbers known as “Night on Broadway.” It’s a show that students at Wilsonville look forward to every year to showcase their singing and acting abilities. 

However, due to the current circumstances, the typical “Night on Broadway” is being run differently this year. The drama and music departments looked to put together a musical earlier this fall, but ultimately felt it was too difficult to pull that off virtually while meeting COVID guidelines. Instead, they are combining the musical and the normal “Night on Broadway” to create the first ever musical showcase. 

“The showcase will be a compilation of musical songs from throughout history, with some acting scenes in between to tie all the songs together,” senior Cormac Lister shares, “Think of it like a ‘Night on Broadway’ with a story.” 

Think of it like a ‘Night on Broadway’ with a story.”

— Cormac Lister

Act one will consist of songs between the years 1940 and 1980, while act two will have more modern songs between 1980 and 2020. The showcase will show off the talents of 17 Wilsonville students, including senior Cormac Lister singing two songs. “The worst part of this is that we won’t be able to see our friends or be on stage like we usually are,” Lister admits. However, he isn’t letting the drastic changes stop him from looking at the bright side of things, “It will make us all better actors at the end of the day because we are learning to be flexible and gaining a variety of new camera acting skills.”

Individual rehearsals have already begun and the actors and singers can’t wait to show off their talents once the showcase is released sometime mid-February!