WBN staff member pet quiz

Take the Quiz to find out which WBN staff member pet you are most like!


Photo provided by the author

Ella, Nika, Poppy and Phillip are beloved pets of WBN staff. Take the quiz to find which you are most like.

1.Which of the following is your dream house location?

A- On the beach, duh

B- I don’t care where,  I will live the van life

C- In the mountains, so many fun activities to do!

D- The city, makes traveling faster


2. How well would you do keeping a plant alive?

A- I don’t have plants, they always die

B- I water it consistently so it lives a happy life

C- Sometimes I forget, but the plant is still alive

D- If the plant is low maintenance I can handle it


3. What is your mindset when you need to clean your room?

A- All I need is a cleared space to sleep, otherwise I don’t care about the mess

B- All I need is some good music and then I can get it done

C- Usually I have to clean regularly because I often make messes

D- I try to continually stay organized so I don’t need to set a time to clean up messes


4. When you decide to make dinner at home, what do you make?

A- An easy frozen meal, simple!

B- Usually a hamburger

C- Anything that includes cheese

D- A basic salad


5. How do you wrap a gift?

A- A bow fixes everything!

B- I try hard, but it always looks awful

C- I just put it in a bag with tissue paper, much easier than wrapping

D- Usually I just write a card and include a gift card


6. If you could have an unconventional pet, which one would you choose?

A- Jaguar

B- Hippopotamus

C- Monkey

D- Sloth


7. How do you pass the time when on an airplane?

A- Sleep

B- Talk to whoever is next to me

C- Watch a movie

D- Read a book


8. Which is your least favorite food?

A- Black licorice

B- Anything spicy

C- Any vegetable 

D- Oysters


9. How long does it take you to do a chore?

A- Once I get the free time, I will do the chore.

B- Right away, otherwise I will forget.

C- I push it off until someone else does it.

D- I do little parts of it throughout the day


10. When in the car, how do you listen to music?

A- Usually I just listen to podcasts. 

B- I get bored of the song easily so I switch to another mid-song.

C- Listen to the loudest music and scream the lyrics.

D- If others are in the car, no one ever lets me choose the songs. 


If you answered mostly “A” then you are most similar to Ella, Maddy’s cat. Both of you love to get your beauty sleep and do things at your own pace. You don’t let other people’s judgement change you, because do you!

If you answered mostly “B” then you are most similar to Nika, Mikayla’s labrador. Both of you are a child at heart that enjoys going on adventures. No matter how old you get, if it sounds fun, you will do it.

If you answered mostly “C” then you are most similar to Poppy, Bella’s labradoodle. Both of you are spontaneous and unpredictable. Also, a high likelihood that you love cheese too.

If you answered mostly “D” then you are most similar to Phillip, Abby’s snail. Both of you are calm and collected. Additionally, you are very reliable and keep a consistent schedule.