Midterms amidst 2020


Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

Taking a test at home is new for many.

This past week was the time of year many students dread – midterms. Midterms add the next level of stress to an already busy and overwhelmed student. This year they look a bit different though; for Wilsonville High School, as well as several other states in the US, we are on a quarterly grade system, so midterms come up much quicker than ever before.

The mid year or semester testing always seems to add to the stress of students whether they’re in high school or college. The fear with this idea is that we are having to cope with this time more than ever with our new school in our layout of quarters. Students are having to deal with this up to four times a school year rather than just twice. The worry for both students and teachers is the fear that students are being overwhelmed more than ever before.

I asked student Keira McNamee about her take on midterms this year, she said, “It is much different than in the past, the time between tests is much shorter making it so much more important to keep up”. With that said, as a student going though this myself as well, keeping your mental health in good standing is very important.

My advice to all who are stressed and concerned for this time is to take a moment to relax and understand that you are capable. You are capable enough to receive the grade you are striving for. This year especially, try to take advantage of your time in class to truly understand and internalize what you are learning, contribute in class, continue to take notes and work hard in each class. You got this! Keep your head up and you will do great in your next test or final!