Who wants to go back to school?


Miranda Platt

Wilsonville High Home of the Wildcats

With the possibility of school being reinstated, there is a turmoil of emotions churning. It’s been a grueling 305 days since the last day of school. The spring break turned into one awesomely long summer was enjoyable, but everything must end at some time. With the start of online learning came struggles of all shapes and sizes. I’m sure no one thought in their wildest dreams that they could have wished to go school so badly, but here we are. The prospect of Hybrid learning allowing students to attend school and see their peers has certainly exited many, but has definitely also been a source of anxiety and disinterest. 

Makenna Wiepart, a sophomore at Wilsonville high school states, “I’m looking forward to seeing people again but I’m not excited for the mask wearing and cohorts separating friend groups.”

That tends to be the theme throughout the student body. Bradley Crane says, “I feel like it would be nice, but it’s already super convenient to have online school.” Online school, as horrible as some make it out to be, isn’t all bad. Many people have already grown accustomed to the zoom meeting and workload. 

Friends seems to be a common theme with students. “I’m thrilled to see people I wouldn’t normally see, but waking up early is definitely not something I want to start again,” says Gracie Is a sophomore at Hood River Highschool. Grace Jenson agrees with her statement with her own, “I’m dying to eat lunch with someone who isn’t my brother!” 

As you can see there are a plethora of opinions about starting school again. At this point in time it’s just speculation, but with a vaccine being administered and changing guidelines, who’s to say what happens next? I have a positive outlook for this year’s 2021 school year, online, or in person.