Traveling during the pandemic: Dos and don’ts


The front of the airport. Photo belongs to author

Want to travel during COVID-19? Here are some do’s and don’ts that will help you navigate the chaos of the airport and flights!

1.Check in to your flight at home! This will give you your boarding passes which you can either print or use the QR code to pass through the security and board. This saves a lot of time and hassle when checking bags.

2. Arrive at the airport anywhere from 2+ hours before your flight. The masses of people in the airport flux (like normal airport traffic), but there’s a never ending list of complications that can arise. 

3. Check to make sure your flight is on time! By checking the departures you can gauge how much time you have before you need to board. I take pictures of my flight just in case.

4. Download the Alaska Airlines and GoGo inflight Entertainment apps. Both are extremely helpful when flying. You can access wifi and entertainment inflight with these.

5. Make sure to wear a mask! When drinking and eating however you are allowed to momentarily take your mask off. Make sure to put it right back on after! The NPR article states, “In other words, because of a plane’s filtration systems, your risk of catching the coronavirus on a flight comes almost entirely from the people sitting around you.” The risk of catching COVID on a flight if everyone wears their masks is 3%.

6. Bring hand sanitizer with you! The flight attendants will provide a sanitizing wipe, but it’s small and doesn’t do a very good job of cleansing all surfaces.

7. Food from the airport is allowed on flights, but you can pre-order food! Make sure to preorder at least 22 hours before your flight, but you can order as early as 2 weeks!

Traveling during the pandemic has been retrofitted to be as safe as possible. Obviously, try not to travel because there isn’t an 100% guarantee you won’t contract/spread the virus, but in the case you do make sure to follow all guidelines posted throughout the airport, plane, and your trip! Make sure to quarantine at home afterwards as well! Happy traveling!