New year means time for new things!


Linnea Collett

Senior Linnea Collett with her longboard. Many students have found new hobbies that get them outside during quarantine.

There’s no better time to start new projects and new hobbies than the beginning of a new year! Lots of people go into a new year excited to treat it like a fresh start.  Some call them resolutions, others just happened to find a new hobby that they enjoy doing. A few of our very own Wildcats shared their new hobbies and projects to start out 2021 with a bang! 

Due to Covid-19 there’s not a lot of places to go to try new things, however there’s always the opportunity to find new hobbies or start new projects from the safety of your home. Senior Kylie Hadden said that she and her sister, sophomore Taylor Hadden, have started playing Just Dance on their TV during their free time. The Haddens have found a way to not only get exercise when the 2020-2021 school sports season can’t commence, but they found a fun and safe way to do it!

Senior Linea Collett said, “I started longboarding in the summer of 2020 and I plan to keep doing it because it’s fun and I want to get better.” Linnea is another perfect example of someone who found a way to get out of the house during the quarantine but still stay safe. 

There’s a lot of good ways to start the new year whether it’s changing a habit, starting a new project, or just making a simple goal for yourself. Seeing as though we’re still handling this pandemic a lot of us still have a lot of time on our hands to start new things!