Mikayla’s predictions

Mikayla Brehm, Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Mikayla Brehm, and after the last stressful year, I am ready for a new year! Since last year, the world was put on hold due to the pandemic, and not many fashion trends took off since there was no place to wear them. With hope to return back to our old sense of normal, here are some my predictions for the fashion trends of 2021 in no particular order.

1. Primary colors are going to come back into style this year. With all the chaos that has happened, people want to revert back to a sense of childhood, thus what’s more elementary school than primary colors?


2. In general, clothes are going to become even more baggy and loose. Because the majority of 2020 was spent not socializing, more people have come accustomed to sweatpants and sweatshirts and will not want to go back to tight fitting clothes. Thus this trend will still be on the rise as 2021 progresses and as more people can adventure out of the house safely. 


3. Ripped jeans will be going out of style. They had their time, and now people will be moving on to something else; whether it is patch work or even bell-bottoms, it’s safe to say that pants will no longer have any rips or be distressed. 


4. Bold eyeliner is going to continue to be more popular in the coming year. With TikTok having lots of influence, they have brought to rise trying different variations of eyeliner, whether by changing the color, or by different styles. 


5. Although it might not be in everyone’s closet by the end of the year, trench coats and long coats will be seen more often. Long coats can be comfortable and a statement piece. Additionally, with the majority of yourself hidden behind the coat, you can feel a sense of mystery and strut down the sidewalk.