Even Wilsonville’s highest achievers feel motivation drain


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Senior Jadyn Sherry shares how difficult online learning has been this year. Known widely as a diligent student, Sherry shows that the CDL system is difficult for everyone.

As we near the conclusion of the second quarter on February 4th, students have been immersed in CDL for nearly an entire semester and have not been to school in over ten months.

Without the constant social interaction with both peers and teachers that comes with in-person school, monotonous days of zoom and constant homework have begun to take their toll on even Wilsonville’s most motivated students.

Senior Jadyn Sherry sports a 4.34 weighted GPA and has taken a total of 12 AP classes throughout her time at WHS, 6 of which are during her senior year. In the past, most all of her teachers would agree that Sherry is one of the highest achievers in any class.

However, even Sherry has felt the effects of extended online school, as she expresses that, “I am definitely way less motivated now that school is online.” In regard to AP classes which she once enjoyed she adds, “AP classes are especially hard now that there’s no ‘fun’ element to them; it’s all academic all the time.”

Similarly, senior Gabi Bean, who has accumulated a 4.24 GPA and a total of 8 AP classes, quickly agreed with Sherry’s sentiments and describes, “I definitely procrastinate more because we don’t really have to turn many assignments in.”

Additionally, both seniors conveyed that the lack of distinction between school and home makes focusing extremely difficult. “It’s a lot easier to get distracted and go on your phone when the teacher can’t see,” Bean admits, “and it’s so boring to just sit and stare at your computer screen for hours.” 

Placing school in a home environment introduces infinitely many new distractions, and with so much exposure to screen time, it can be easy for students to simply find another target for their focus.

Sherry recounts that in previous years she could finish nearly all her homework during her long school day, leaving her house as a place for relaxation. Now, being forced to do her school work in the place once designated for unwinding and enjoyment gives her no more incentive to finish homework. “Before, when we were at school, I figured ‘I might as well work since I’m at school’ but now it doesn’t feel like there’s a point,” Sherry confesses.

For those who thrived in the traditional school environment, the extended period of online learning during the 2020-21 school year has had many harsh effects. It is important to recognize that if a student is struggling with the current structure of school, they are not alone; some of Wilsonville’s highest achievers are feeling the same way! But, while there may be an end in sight, it is nevertheless crucial for all students to continue putting their best effort into CDL despite the tempting distractions of school set at home.