“Dream Beyond COVID”

Wilsonville Arts and Cultural Council juried art exhibition for everyone.


Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council

The Wilsonville Arts and Culture Council is putting on a juried art show. It will be held March 1-31, 2021.

The Wilsonville Arts and Cultural Council is putting on an Art Show! March 1st through the 31st Wilsonville Arts will hold the second phase of the virtual juried art show called a “Dream Beyond COVID”. The art show will hold a variety of visual works that can be presented in any medium as long as they portray what a time in isolation has made people long for.

The arts pieces are going to be centered around these questions: 

  • What do we wish we could do?
  • Whom do we want to see?
  • Where do we long to go?
  • What do we wish to experience?
  • How do we hope the world will have changed?
  • How do we hope WE will have changed? 
  • What are the silver linings that have arisen? 
  • Are there things we now appreciate and reflect upon more deeply, observe more fully?
  • How has COVID changed us and forced us to grow?

If any of these questions stuck you, maybe it’s time to pick up the art supplies and put in a submission for the show. Submissions must be submitted by February to be considered for a “Dream Beyond COVID”  and although there are a couple of rules limiting the amount of work and size of work that artists can submit the exhibit is truly open to everyone. Students, professionals, and amateurs can all be a part of this exhibit together, telling their unique perspective on COVID through art. 

To keep updated with the “Dream Beyond COVID” project or to get more information on how to submit your artwork make sure to look at www.wilsonvillearts.org and make sure to check into their page March 1st through 31st when the virtual exhibit will be displayed on their website.