A weekend away from the chaos

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed by all of the chaos? This is how three WVHS students spent their weekend escaping from the chaos.


Madison Koellermeier

Madison Koellermeier and Shane Tacla at the mountain this weekend.

With all that is happening in the world, something as simple as a weekend away can be the keystone to your sanity. Seniors Madison Kollermeier and Shane Tacla spent this past weekend away at Mt. Bachelor and Abbi Nelson spent hers at Mt. Hood. 

“I had a really good time this weekend…” Kollermeier begins, “…it was super relaxing to get away from Wilsonville and do something different for a few days” Madison went skiing and stayed in a house in Bend for the weekend. She expressed that this was a great way to relax especially with finals quickly approaching. 

Kollermeier stated that going to the mountain with her friends and family has always been something that she looks forward to during the wintertime. She was really worried that going up this year would not be an option but she was so grateful that she was able to end up going. 

Another senior at Wilsonville High School, Abbi Nelson also spent her weekend at the mountain skiing with her family. “I had a great time; I had never been before so it was really exciting to finally get to go.” Nelson has never had the time to go before, but with CDL she felt like she had enough flexibility to go spend time away this weekend. 

Nelson also agrees that our everyday lives are so chaotic and so many things we enjoy doing for fun and relaxation have recently been taken from us. But even amongst the chaos and stress we are experiencing she was still able to experience something new and fun while staying socially distant!

For Shane Tacla, going snowboarding is one of the events he looks forward to the most during winter. He always loves to go with his friends and sometimes his family as a fun way to escape from the chaotic lives that we live every day. Not only is going away for the weekend super fun and simple, but it is also even easier than before with online school. “We went to Bend on Thursday night and did school on Friday because we always have a short day,” Tacla explained. 

With the lack of sports and things to do with his friends, Tacla, like many of us, was feeling extremely bored and needed something to go and do. Going up to the mountain whether it be to sled, ski, snowboard, or just take photos with your friends is a great way to spend a weekend this winter.