Sports seasons reinstated!


Kellen Hartford, a junior at Wilsonville High School, seen catching a football, masked up on the field. Photo belongs Ava Stenstrom.

The long-awaited news you have been waiting for, sports seasons are starting again, according to the OSAA as of the most recent committee meeting, 

Season 1 is an “open” season – wrestling, football, basketball, cheerleading (contact) and dance / drill (contact) are prohibited. Seasons 2, 3 and 4 follow as traditional winter, fall and spring seasons. Recent surveys indicate that approximately 140 schools will be participating in some sort of sport with almost 50 planning on competitions.” 

As of now, sports are scheduled to begin practice in February with competitions following in March. According to the calendar issued by the Oregon School Activities Association in December, football practice is slated to start Feb. 8, while practices for volleyball, cross country and soccer are due to begin Feb. 22. Competition for all of the traditional fall-season sports is scheduled to kick off the week of March 1-7.

Many coaches have kept in contact with players throughout this offseason and have provided workouts and conditioning for players to use individually. We got a taste of sports seasons for a short period of time during practice season. 

Obviously, everyone is dying to get back into sports, and the fastest way to do that is to stay safe and keep others around you safe. Keep your circle small and make sure to follow all CDC guidelines so we can get back into sports as quickly, yet as safely, as possible.