How high schoolers are dealing with gym closures


Photo provided by the author

Seniors Madison Koellermeier, Sydney Burns, and Lily Wright doing an at home workout.

The ‘two-week’ closure of gyms has affected many people in Oregon. What started out as a short pause due to rising Covid cases in Oregon has been extended to help ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing. However, although keeping gyms closed is in an effort to prevent the spread of this virus, it has been a huge disappointment to Oregonians who are trying to stay fit, especially to high school students that have also been deprived of sports for almost a year now. 

Many Wilsonville High School students have been doing at home workouts with their friends or playing sports in a small group in lieu of going to the gym. “My friend has a gym, so we will all go there to work out together” senior Madison Koellermeier states. She has been having a great time working out with her friends. However, they all plan to get memberships again when it is safe to return to gyms. 

However, what if you don’t have a gym at your house? Junior Kellen Hartford has been part of a seven on seven team in order to practice football “we all wear masks and will play football, just without the tackling, it has been a really great way to practice football and stay in shape, especially because I can’t go to the gym”. Hartford is also part of a club football team and has been able to practice with them as well. 

Senior Hunter Mcilmoil has also been very disappointed due to the recent closure of gyms “I used to love going to the gym every day after school to stay in shape, especially since no sports were going on”. However, once gyms closed she has been doing at-home workouts to stay healthy and fit. “I mostly just make up things, we have a treadmill too so I really like running on it if it’s rainy outside” Mcilmoil added. At-home workouts are a great alternative to going to the gym, especially if you have a few fitness equipment items at your home.  

Lastly, Hailey Flick, who is also a senior this year, does dance classes to keep in shape. “I do ballet and tap, it used to be in the studio, but now the classes are done over Zoom, but I am definitely looking forward to going back!” Flick stated. Although dancing over Zoom is not the preferred method, it is one way that students can stay fit and keep busy without gyms and dance studios being open. 

Also, Hailey Flick takes classes at Pure Barre. This studio marks off spaces for everyone six feet apart, opens big windows, and requires that masks be worn during the entire class. “It’s really fun to do. They only opened up last week I think but I am definitely planning on continuing to go”. 

Despite the closure of gyms, there are so many ways that Wilsonville High School students have been staying fit during these times. This dedication will definitely pay off for students looking forward to sports that will be starting back up next month.