Fly as a Falcon: Seattle Pacific edition

One of Wilsonville’s own most cherished brothers is poised to leave the nest, taking his talents on a northerly migration to Washington state.


Bryan A. Rector

As Ben has developed as an athlete and person has become a leader, with a team first attitude. He takes the most pride in supporting the younger generation. Ben, second from left, is pictured during a workout this year.

One of the all time treasures known to Wilsonville High School has realized a transcendent opportunity which has bestowed upon him recently. After years of dedication to the craft and taking care of his body and mind, he received an offer that is life altering to say the least. If these details have not unlocked his identity then his looming presence in the halls, his tenacious drive in the gym, on the track, and in the classroom will. You guessed it… this is a coronation for Benjamin Sheirbon, who was able to sign his letter of intent yesterday afternoon.

The story of Mr. Sheirbon started long before yesterday. As a freshman, he attempted to make his mark on the school through basketball and had his sights set on pursuing hoops at the next level. As the year grew longer, there was a feeling in the atmosphere with Ben. Some sort of aura, some level of energy. Reminiscent of a surfer reading a wave before it reaches the crest and then comes crashing to shore.

Nothing too extreme changed before sophomore year, though the storm had been brewing for this period of time. Then the decision. Ben opted to stop playing basketball and switch to sole focus on cross country and track. All of a sudden the tide turned. He began to run, run, run, run and run. Then get up the next day and do it again. This switch was not just physical though. A tunnel of light shone through the clouds down on Sheirbon when he knew… This is my calling. I am going to work at it, never relenting. All cylinders on go.

Soon after, his grades in school were as high as ever and he spent hours on end in the gym getting his body rights and hours at home working on the mental preparation to be a great athlete. He learned how to diet, how to stride and move more efficiently, how to manicure himself for what is next. The determination and sheer will of this man is beyond inspiring. He can be compared to a sponge who soaks up all of the knowledge and then releases it to the world around him.

At times he has faced adversity, hurting his quad and other parts of the leg (thus being sidelined) but his resilience is astounding and he has taken 2 steps forward every time.

Moving in silence”

— Ben Sheirbon

Here we are, 2 years after this switch of mindset and attitude: he now has assisted the cross country team in winning consecutive league titles and contending at state, is a finalist for valedictorian at WHS, and has discovered a passion (health science and related fields) that will undoubtedly become his career one day. And there is also no doubt about the fact that he will be ultra-successful at what ever Ben attempts to do. If he wants it, he will go get it. He may not tell you though, because he keeps his circle small and has been dubbed “The Silent Assassin.” He has become synonyms with the phrase “moving in silence,” keeping his head lowered, doing the work, and coming out on top. Routinely.

As mentioned, he has chosen to run cross country at Seattle Pacific where he will challenge himself academically, physically and otherwise. On why he chose SPU he had this to say, “They embraced me right away and Seattle is an amazing place; they have great facilities and a great staff. I know I will be well educated too.”

With Ben Sheirbon, it is a whole package and it always has been. And he will be riding the wave of talent, work ethic, intellect and personality through the next chapter and beyond.