2021 mock college football season


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The 2021 college football season is coming to Wilsonville High School.

The 2020 college football season had an ordinary ending to an extraordinary season: Alabama was crowned the national champs with their win over Ohio State. A lot of people already miss the great game, and waiting until late August for an actual season to commence can seem practically impossible. 

That’s why a committee of college football lovers, like yourselves, have orchestrated a mock 2021 college football season. 

The playing field will be cut from 130 to 80 FBS teams, increasing the number of “power” conferences from 5 to 9, and expanding the college football playoff from 4 to 16 teams with each conference receiving one playoff team (via the conference championship game). Each conference has 8-10 teams. 

If you don’t know what any of that means, then you’re in luck!

Each week, there will be polls posted on the WBN website for every match up. There, people will answer each question or predict who they think will win each match up.

Even if you do not have an idea on who to pick, just pick a random team! This is not a final exam! There are no wrong answers! As long as you vote, then you have done your job.

Every week, the conference standings and seasonal rankings will be updated. Note that one team from every conference has to be listed in the 16 team rankings. Standings and rankings will be posted on SUNDAYS!

There will be 14 weeks in the regular seasons and 4 weeks of the playoffs. This means that there will be polls posted every week for the rest of the current school year. Polls will be available EVERY week from MONDAY through FRIDAY!

So, put down your game controllers or social media apps and get voting!!!!!


Here is a link to view the 9 conferences and each team’s regular season schedule:


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