Golf teams taking on a pandemic


Photo provided by the author

Emma Dougherty golfing on a beautiful day at Charbonneau Golf Course.

During the coronavirus pandemic, golf teams and families have been able to play safely distanced. Golf is an outside sport perfect if you’re looking for something to do that is COVID friendly. 

Lots of high school students are struggling to find ways to practice as a team, but not golfers. Golfers can get together on their own time and play 18 holes, just like a real tournament. 

Friends from the Wilsonville girls varsity golf team have been able to meet up and distance themselves at their favorite course, Charbonneau, and play 18 holes and hit balls as much as possible out in the sun.

Mia Combs, a sophomore on the girls varsity golf team, expressed that, “It has been fun to be able to practice golf, hang out with friends, and be outside during a time when everything has been limited.”

Marisa Roska, a junior who is also on the Girls Varsity Golf Team, revealed that, “During the pandemic, golf has been my outlook. It gives me a reason to stay motivated and continue to work hard doing what I love.”

Elliott Coyer, a senior at Wilsonville High School who loves to golf states, “You’re far away from everyone and all the balls are in different places. You don’t use other peoples clubs and balls so it’s super safe and you can choose to walk instead of carts.”

All these students revealed how much golf has been a great way to get outdoors and spend time doing the sport they love during these difficult times. Golf is a great way to get some exercise and to enjoy the outdoors.

Go to your local golf course and play 18 holes with your friends and family now that it is becoming spring and sunny!