Multiple awards won at this year’s ISEF ceremony

23 different awards were won by Wilsonville students, with 11 projects qualifying for NWSE


WBN Award Ceremony

The list of students that qualified for the Northwest Science Expo in April. Eleven different projects, 18 students, from Wilsonville were among those that qualified for NWSE.

Last week on March 10, 2021, science fair students were rewarded for all their hard work on each of their ISEF projects. These ISEF students have been working on their projects for the entirety of the 2020-2021 school year, some even longer if their projects were continuations from years prior. For a project they’ve worked so hard on for so long, this night was a night where they were able to see all their hard work pay off.

The ISEF students from Wilsonville scored very well with a total of 23 different awards won, and 11 projects qualifying for the Northwest Science Expo (NWSE) later this year. Here is the list of all the Wilsonville students that won an award.


Regional Award Winners:

Benjamin McClelland, Benjamin Pinoli, and Jacob McClelland — In Vitro Biology

Aditi Bhaskar — Metric System: Best Use of the SI

Isabella Scalise, Angelina Scalise — Metric System: Best Use of the SI

Linnea Collett, Jadyn Sherry — Most Outstanding Exhibit in Materials Science

Camryn Lau, Evelyne Knight — Mu Alpha Theta

Alexis Gessler — NASA Earth System Science

Maura Schramm — Naval Excellence in Science and Engineering 

Camryn Lau, Evelyn Knight — Outstanding Project in Atmospheric Science

Jack Cunningham, Lorelei Cunningham — Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Heonia Afonin — Student Award for Geoscience Excellence

Yaya Kiss — USAID 


CREST Award Winners:

Linnea Collett, Jadyn Sherry — Best Project Display – Poster

Isabella Scalise, Angelina Scalise — Best Project Display – Slides

Yaya Kiss — Best Use of Statistical Analysis

Sarah Gordon, Sophie Gordon — Experimental Design

Carly Shanklin — Field Knowledge

Camryn Lau, Evelyn Knight — Most Creative Project Idea

Cassidy Yourg, Sophia Levesque — Promising Young Scientist

Timothy Wieland — Promising Young Scientist

Linnea Collett, Jadyn Sherry — Women in Engineering


Category Awards:

Bioengineering and Materials Science:

Linnea Collett, Jadyn Sherry — First Place

Energy and Environmental Engineering:

Aditi Bhaskar — First Place

Cassidy Yourg, Sophia Levesque — Honorable Mention

Environmental and Earth Sciences:

Ellie Counts — Second Place

Camryn Lau, Evelyn Knight — Third Place

Invertebrate and In Vito Biology:

Benjamin McClelland, Benjamin Pinoli, Jacob McClelland — First Place

Isabella Scalise, Angelina Scalise — Second Place

Maura Schramm — Third Place

Alice Kang — Honorable Mention

Life Sciences:

Yaya Kiss — First Place

Medicine and Health Sciences:

Nolan Rapp, Sarthak Sameer-Asita — First Place


Best of Fair Award Winners:

Linnea Collett, Jadyn Sherry

Aditi Bhaskar


NWSE Qualifiers:

Nolan Rapp, Sarthak Sameer-Asita

Ellie Counts

Camryn Lau, Evelyne Knight

Linnea Collett, Jadyn Sherry

Benjamin McClelland, Benjamin Pinoli, Jacob McClelland

Isabella Scalise, Angelina Scalise

Maura Schramm

Yaya Kiss

Aditi Bhaskar

Cassidy Yourg, Sophia Levesque

Alice Kang