Senior pitcher Jack Kimball throws a shutout against St. Helens


Greg Artman

Jack Kimball throws a shutout against St. Helens.

As we move through season 3 of our modified sports schedule, the baseball season is now underway, with a determined Wildcats team that is fueled by their season being cut off last year due to restrictions. The Wildcats are now touting a stellar 5-3 record out of the 14 games they will play due to the shortened season. The Wildcats suffered a rough 4-16 loss to start their season against Putnam but quickly bounced back to beat them 15-14 in their 2nd matchup.

Their 5th game of the year, however, was the first true showing of the dominance that this team possesses. Senior Jack Kimball threw a 7-inning shutout against St. Helens in a 5-0 win. Jack only allowed 2 hits and 2 walks on 86 pitches during his first time on the mound since his sophomore season. 

Jack reflected on this year’s team in an interview, “We have a younger team this year and it’s been a process to get to know everybody and work to where the whole team is on the same page. It’s especially hard when we didn’t get to have last year together as a team and have had very limited offseason workouts due to all the restrictions, but I think we’re finally hitting our stride and coming together well as a team.”

Jack also commented on his own performance, “I was excited for the opportunity to get to pitch again. I felt like I showed what I was capable of as a pitcher, and I’m excited to get more opportunities to pitch this year.” 

Even with the unfortunate shortened season, the Wildcats will bring their best into their last half of the season.