The great debate: CDL vs hybrid


Hunter McIlmoil

Students collaborate in partially empty classrooms.

With approximately 9 weeks of the school year left, we are well on our way to the end. The 2020-2021 academic year was definitely one for the books, but maybe not in the way one would expect. We started off last spring nailing assignments in the asynchronous fashion, then transitioning to the fall where we became solely online complete with zoom meetings. Here we are in the fourth and final quarter, roaming the halls of our schools equally with those of our homes. Well into the hybrid model we have truly experienced it all, but what do students prefer? Are we having success schooling in our homes?

A poll of 210 students in the West Linn Wilsonville area expressed their opinions; 62 preferred CDL while 146 preferred the Hybrid model. The results speak for themselves. Although our school year is far from normal, this recent advancement back into the building has aided us in our quest to get back to the natural way of life. To further investigate this claim we reached out to several students at Wilsonville to truly determine the consensus.

Reese Stalheim, a senior at Wilsonville High, agrees with the majority. “I prefer the in person model,” Stalheim begins, “It is much easier to learn that way and ask questions to the teachers.” Stalheim brings up a valid point. Many students struggled away from school as the teacher-student connection was absent and harder to reach through a screen. “It’s also a lot more fun getting to see your friends at school and actually talking to people compared to on zoom when everyone is silent in breakout rooms.” Senior Justin Slothower agrees with Stalheim stating, “I think that coming back to school is a refreshing change in the covid lifestyle. I prefer the hybrid model because I get to come back and enjoy the last of my senior year.” Slothower keeps it plain and simple and straight to the point, with just a couple months left until graduation our seniors are gleaning all traditional festivities and time here they can get.

Sophomore Alexis McIlmoil has a differing opinion. “I prefer the CDL model over the Hybrid,” McIlmoil begins, “I have recently been diagnosed with a personal medical issue that makes it uncomfortable for me to stay in the school setting for so long without regular breaks that I have the luxury of taking in my home from zoom.” McIlmoil brings up a valid point as some students are more comfortable learning in their homes, especially in a case like hers.

No matter the winner in this argument, the majority of us can agree we are thankful for the opportunity to continue learning back in the school building and for those who have worked to make it possible.