Three seniors win $2,500 Rotary Scholarships

Jadyn Sherry, Lauren Ellett, and Riley Scanlan won this year’s three scholarships


Jadyn Sherry

Jadyn Sherry’s letter from the Rotary Club telling her she is one of this year’s winners. Lauren Ellett and Riley Scanlan were the two other lucky winners of the three $2,500 scholarships.

Every year, the Wilsonville Rotary Club offers three $2,500 scholarships funded through their “fundraising efforts at the annual Heart of Gold Celebration,” to WHS seniors! Seniors are always looking for different community scholarships to help lower their cost of their tuition, so when these three winners receive $2,500 each, it drastically helps their cost of attending college.

The lucky three winners of this year’s Rotary Scholarships were Riley Scanlan, Lauren Ellett, and Jadyn Sherry. Sherry and Ellett are both part of the Rotary Club at Wilsonville High School, so to them, this award felt very personal as it came directly from the club that they have chosen to spend their time in.

To apply for this scholarship, students had to put in the effort to stand out. Each applicant had to list all of their high school activities while elaborating on their most meaningful one, and write a three page essay on how community service has shaped them.

Sherry, who is headed to the University of Arizona next fall, was ecstatic to find out she was one of the three winners of this scholarship. “I am very thankful and honored to be one of the winners,” Sherry expresses, “I can also now speak even more about the good the Rotary Club does for the community and why others should join this club to help make impacts in the community.” 

Congratulations to Scanlan, Ellett, and Sherry for demonstrating “outstanding service, leadership and academic achievement” and earning this well deserved award!