Boys lacrosse recovers with a 10-8 win


Peyton Tolboe

Toshi Kondo wins the draw for the Wildcats. The boys lacrosse team won their game 10-8.

The boys lacrosse team played an aggressive game against Wilson High School. After a tough loss at their last game, the Wildcats managed to keep their cool even when the score was tied at 6-6.

Toshi Kondo was a key player in the midfield position; he won the majority of the draws for the night. His contributions gave Wilsonville their momentum throughout the game.

Wyatt Bedell was often looked to on the defensive side of the game for his powerful checks and long passes. He ran the ball coast-to-coast on multiple occasions.

Even with the damp atmosphere, the Wildcats kept their cool. Communication remained consistent, and they avoided the many penalties their opponents saw.

Now the Wildcats look towards their next game, and hope to create a winning streak. Their game against Tualatin will be free to watch on NFHS Saturday May, 8th at 1:00!