AP Calculus AB freak out

Students getting anxious about their AP calculus test


Students getting anxious about their AP calculus test

It’s that time of year, Wildcats: AP testing! This year’s AP testing is very different than most, not just schedule wise, but how students prepare for their exams.  

The AP Calculus AB test is all students can talk about this week, as the class involves much of the junior class each year. The anticipation for this exam have some students’ anxiety levels through the roof. Junior Riley Lawler says, “I am nervous because we didn’t get a full year to learn the material and I feel like we don’t have as strong of a foundation as we could have had.”  Lawler isn’t the only one who is bothered by the class schedule this year. Junior Karina Borgen says, “It is a little weird that we only have two quarters to learn the material.”  

Students may be freaking out about this exam but most are confident that their teacher, Mr. Fowler, did his best to prepare them for the lengthy exam. Borgen says, “I feel pretty confident; I had Fowler and he was really good about preparing us. Overall I feel I got the info I need.” 

Although there are many ups and downs students made the most of what they were given to prepare for their AP testing this year. Good luck Wildcats!