Freshman brings it home


GM Artman

Freshman Talia Valdez catches the ball at first base. The Wildcat softball team boasts immense underclassmen talent this year.

Talk about strong underclassmen! During the varsity softball game on Tuesday, May 4th, the wildcats faced the St. Helens Lions. The game truly came down to the strength that is spread in the underclassman.

A clear example of the strength is sophomore pitcher Anna Jardin. Usually junior Maddie Erickson would lead the team with pitching, but during the game Jardin took over for her team, allowing only three runs in the top of the second and holding the lions scoreless through the rest of the game. Though the wildcats started slow they secured a point at the bottom of the second and two runs in the third.

It was in the bottom of the sixth inning that the Wildcats pulled away the win. The triple point hit came from standout freshman Grace Wilson, as she hit a to the left center, and got to second safely, allowing her two other teammates senior Kylie Hadden and freshman Mary Matthew to score.

Wilson decided to try for third base, however was caught in a pickle between second and third base. Thanks to a overthrow to second, Wilson made it to home with a big welcome from her team. The game was finished out by Erickson subbing in and the pitcher quickly ended the game with three strikeouts in a row.