Sophomore enacts change through formation of Equity Club


Brennan Martin

Pictured above is one of the peaceful Portland based Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests that Brennan Martin took part in over the summer.

Wilsonville High School’s list of clubs grew once again this past week, after Sophomore Brennan Martin and a couple of his classmates attended an online team meeting for the new Equity Team.

Martin wishes for the club to, “serve as grounds for students to build relationships with others who share a common interest in bettering the community around them.”

During Martin’s first meeting, the group focused on how they could help their peers feel like they not only have a voice–but that their voice is a priority. He hopes to help inspire the student body to participate in evolving the school’s community to one of racial equality, wage equity, as well as any-and-all other purposes that the club takes on.

The club is still looking for more members and Martin relayed that if any students had questions or would like to know more they could reach out to him via email ([email protected]) or phone number (503-250-0248).

Our main goal is to create an environment that is not only welcoming but creates the same opportunity for all, no matter of income or race.”

— Brennan Martin