College Board is offering options

Are students taking tests in-person or online?


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Seniors Maddy Duquette and Emilia Bishop are studying for upcoming AP tests.

Due to the pandemic and different situations depending on where you live, the College Board is offering more options for taking AP tests. They have scheduled multiple times to take the test as well as different methods: in-person and online at home. 

Senior Jadyn Sherry will be taking a total of three tests this year: two online and one in-person. Her original plan was to only take one of the tests online, because there was no other option, but when she got her second vaccine and had symptoms, her plans changed. 

Now Sherry will have to retake the test for AP Literature at home, but she feels this could be an advantage as she can type faster and may show more of her knowledge. Additionally, Sherry has been at home for the majority of the year, and taking the test in the same environment could be to her benefit.

Kate Jefferies shares a similar situation. Jefferies is also a senior and will be taking one out of her two tests online. Jefferies isn’t able to take the in-person AP Calculus test because of a conflict with a family vacation, and now will have to take her test online. 

Jefferies expresses, “Although it is not the ideal situation, I have worked so hard that I can not just give up.” But in her scenarios, she thinks this will become a disadvantage with more distractions, and needing to type out math. 

As a whole, most seniors are pushing for earlier test dates because some tests, such as AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Environmental Science land on graduation day or even the days following and do not want the additional stress and hectic schedule that would cause.