Season three comes to a close


Greg Artman

Wyatt Bedell playing lacrosse against tualatin.

This past week concluded season three of athletics, also known as spring sports, here at Wilsonville High School. 

Season three was quite successful for Wilsonville, and there were strong participation numbers. Students enjoyed playing, and they were happy that they ended up participating in their sports even with all the COVID-19 restrictions. Wilsonville High School athletic director Mr. Burke says, “Resiliency, perseverance, and the care for their teammates stand out. At each level, our teams were fun to watch.” 

Wilsonville High School has had to navigate through many different situations when it comes to COVID restrictions and safety regulations to make the athletic program run as smoothly as possible. Burke acknowledges that one of the main improvements that we should make for season four is being better about communicating with players, coaches and families regarding logistics.

There is much to highlight from this past season. Mr. Burke to notes some of the season’s biggest successes, and the girls lacrosse 11-10 victory over Lakeridge was one. He also says, “The growth and quality of playing softball and the willingness of our teams in taking on higher levels of competition.”

Mr. Burke was also excited to announce that Wilsonville is hosting the 5A track invite on May 21st and 22nd. “Coach Barkley has worked very hard and making this Statewide event happen for many athletes, coaches, and families,” he says.

Congratulations to all of our athletes who participated in season three sports and good luck to all of the season four athletics!