Graduating seniors of 2021 spill the college determining secrets


Adam Landy

Adam Landy signs official documents stating his commitment to play for Point Loma Nazarene University.

With less than a month left till graduation, decision day approaches! Seniors across the globe are past opening acceptance letters and have progressed to pledging to their preferred university. An expansive and exciting future awaits; we can’t wait to see where they’ll go!

Some students commit to a school for athletics when others decide based on theater, art, or academic programs. Adam Landy, a senior at Wilsonville High school, and has recently made the announcement of his commitment to Point Loma Nazarene in San Diego where he will be playing soccer for the D2 team. Part of his deciding factors were the coaches interest in him, benefits of playing on the team, as well as location. Who wouldn’t want to attend school in sunny SoCal with the beach just in reach?

Senior Giselle Dodrill has also newly been accepted and will be attending San Diego State University in San Diego, California. Deciding factors for Giselle were similar to that of Adams based on location. “I’ve always wanted to go to college somewhere in California,” Dodrill begins. “Once my dad moved there and I was going there a lot I started to really like the San Diego area so once I found out I got in I knew that’s where I wanted to go.” Giselle is looking into continuing her education in the nursing field.

Katrina Brisbois recently committed to run for Pacific University here in Oregon and shared her deciding thoughts with us. “The process of deciding what school to commit to was slightly hard but a very fun one,” she states. “The deciding factor for me was where did I feel at home and could I see myself progressing there both as an athlete and as a student and I saw that happening at Pacific.” Katrina brings up very valid points that are beneficial to this very difficult process of deciding. She continues, “I wasn’t really thinking about running in college until my coach told me to contact pacific and it just took off from there and now I couldn’t be happier about my choice!” Reaching out to coaches here at our high school can be very helpful in making our college goals and dreams come true! Don’t hesitate to ask!

Lucas Graves has recently announced his commitment to Montana State. The choice for him seemed easy. “My biggest draw to Montana state was easily the location, I really wanted a place I could feel at home with unlimited outdoor activities,” He excitedly begins. “The skiing in Montana is next level and that really drew me in. They also had a super cool facility for STEM programs which was very enticing too.” When searching for schools to apply to check out their programs and see if what is offered will fit with your career plans!

To keep tabs on deciding seniors, check out the @wilsonvilleclassof21 instagram page for updated info!