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October weather brings lots of precipitation and a chill in the air. Students remain to continue with their annual fall traditions.
Students proudly present their fall traditions
Sydnie Bierma, Lifestyle Editor • October 14, 2021

Leaves are falling, pumpkins are displayed on porches, and the stores are overstocked with apple cider: October is officially here. With fall...

Picture of a haunted house from,_Portland,_Oregon,_April_2012.JPG
Millburn's haunted houses
Siona Ruud, Staff Writer • October 14, 2021

It's officially Fall and students are anxious to start their spooky season activities! Haunted houses are a must for this time of the year. One...

Fall time at Baumans Farms!
The best pumpkin patches to visit this year!
Alina Jakobson, Staff Writer • October 7, 2021

Pumpkin patches seem to be one of the key staples of fall for all ages. The students of Wilsonville High School seem to all be going to at least...

Siona Ruud trying on her Homecoming dress!
What will students be wearing to homecoming?
Siona Ruud, Staff Writer • September 24, 2021

   Students At Wilsonville High School have been struggling to figure out a homecoming outfit plan for this school year. Whether they want...

Seniors outside the point on their first day repping a plethora of kids backpacks. Author (Sydnie Bierma), Anna Burkhead, Miguel Tejeda, Claire Ihlenburg, and Hannah Kelso’s backpack.
First day fashion
Sydnie Bierma, Student Life Editor • September 11, 2021

With in person school on the horizon students are busy crafting their first day looks in an attempt to put their best foot forward for the 2021...

21 Fantabulous Grad Party Ideas
21 Fantabulous Grad Party Ideas
Kaiya Shivers, Staff Writer • June 2, 2021

We made it party people, school is almost over and the time has come to start thinking about graduation party ideas. It's time for the best summer...

Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license at the 2021 BRIT Awards.
Ranking Olivia Rodrigo's debut album "SOUR"
Halle Isaak, Editor-in-Chief • May 28, 2021

Olivia Rodrigo, who began her career on Disney Channel, has released her debut album and it has taken the music industry by surprise! With her...

Have you ever wondered which starburst flavor you would be? Take the quiz down below to find out!
What flavor starburst are you?
Kate Jeffries, Arts Editor • May 26, 2021

  How would you describe yourself? Creative  Energetic Ambitious  Compassionate    What is your favorite...

21 questions for Wildcat college freshmen
21 questions for Wildcat college freshmen
Kaiya Shivers, Staff Writer • May 20, 2021

For all my high school seniors out there getting ready for college, wondering, Will I be homesick? What if my roommate and I don't get along?...

Ava Stenstroms bikini collection for this summer!
Summer style trends 2021
Hunter McIlmoil, Staff Writer • May 14, 2021

With the warmer months rapidly approaching, new trends are budding faster than the daffodils! We’ve already begun to witness new elements of...

John Doe drivers license sample. Amid the pandemic, it has been even more difficult to get into the DMV.
Navigating the DMV in a pandemic
Alexis McIlmoil, Staff Writer • February 5, 2021

As many are approaching the age and turning 16 during quarantine, the long awaited question arrives: can I still get my drivers license? With...

Nichols family is known around the community for supporting and helping everyone out.
Wilsonville's own Nichols Family Agency helps Rose Haven
Lucas Graves, Staff Writer • February 4, 2021

Winter days in Oregon are normally associated with drowsy rain and grey skies. But, one thing we may not think about is how it is affecting the...

GameStop, a since forgotten retail store that has been revived through rebellious investing.
Should you be investing in GameStop?
Gus Ericson, Staff Writer • February 3, 2021

As many of you may have heard, GameStop stock (ticker: GME) has gone up almost 900% in the past month. And while this may come as a surprise...

22 year old Harvard graduate Amanda Gorman reciting her poem The Hill We Climb at the presidential inauguration. Gorman is the youngest poet to ever recite a piece at an inauguration.
Amanda Gorman leaves nation in awe after reading at Biden inauguration
Maddy DuQuette, Copy Editor, Online Editor • January 29, 2021

January 20th, 2021 marked the inauguration of the 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden. This inauguration is hugely significant for...

Lindsey Hartford on bid day. Hartford shares her experience joining her sorority at Oregon State University.
Want to go Greek?
Ava Stenstrom, Staff Writer • January 29, 2021

Sorority and fraternity houses, sister and brotherhoods, seem to be an integral part of the college experience for many. As seniors at Wilsonville...

Madison Koellermeier and Shane Tacla at the mountain this weekend.
A weekend away from the chaos
Ava Stenstrom, Staff Writer • January 25, 2021

With all that is happening in the world, something as simple as a weekend away can be the keystone to your sanity. Seniors Madison Kollermeier...