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Halle Isaak's admission to the University of Oregon. Many seniors apply to in state public universities because they are vastly more affordable compared to most out of state colleges.

What is most important when choosing a college?

Maddy DuQuette, Copy Editor, Online Editor December 3, 2020

As we begin December, college application season is in full swing for Wilsonville seniors. Many have already taken advantage of early action and early decision deadlines in November, but with most regular...

Oki Sushi & Grill offers impressive service and a local business to support during the pandemic.

Sushi, seriously spectacular!

Alexis McIlmoil, Staff Writer December 1, 2020

Oki Sushi and Grill, located just to the left of Fred Meyers, is a delightful new addition to the sushi options and restaurants in general in Wilsonville. It's near an epicenter of food options, so it...

Poppy Glastra van Loon poses by her Christmas decor! Many Americans disagree on when to start decorating for the holidays.

Is holiday decor acceptable in November?

Peyton Tolboe, Staff Writer November 17, 2020

Welcome to mid-November, the time of the year where lines are drawn. The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and the only thing stopping the human race from getting bombarded with sparkly ornaments,...

The 2020 President-elect, Joe Biden.

Election 2020; Biden emerges victorious

Gus Ericson, Staff Writer November 17, 2020

The 2020 election, which occurred on November 3rd, was one of the most monumental elections in our recent history. Not only was it extremely polarizing, but many key issues were on the ballot like healthcare,...

This is a yard sign found in our Wilsonville community. People are putting up candidate signs all around the Nation.

The great yard sign war of 2020!

Mikayla Brehm, Staff Writer October 15, 2020

As this magical year draws to an end and election day comes closer, battle lines have been drawn. The people of Wilsonville are divided politically, and continue to bicker over the smallest of differences. Having...

The AP program from the Collegeboard offers high school students a chance to earn college credit in high school. Students can take national AP tests each spring for scores which colleges may accept for credits.

Are AP classes too difficult in the CDL format?

Maddy DuQuette, Staff Writer September 27, 2020

Advanced placement classes are familiar to the Wilsonville High School community, and while they are known to bring an extra challenge and workload, offer a more in depth understanding of the course material....

The Wilsonville skies filled with smoke. The Beachie Creek fire has rapidly spread, causing smoke and orange skies for miles.

Wilsonville students begin school with orange skies

Halle Isaak, Editor-in-Chief September 9, 2020

The start of the 2020-2021 school year has been anything but normal. As we all have been preparing to begin school online, that was all that we thought we had to worry about. But the night before the first...

Seniors Lily Wright and Hailey Flick before zoom classes. On September 8th WHS students began school with the CDL model.

Students take on zoom for the first day of the school year

Maddy DuQuette, Staff Writer September 9, 2020

Each year the first day of school is met with a variety of responses from students ranging from anxiety to excitement to dread. But regardless of an individual’s feelings toward school, the most exciting...

There have been noticeable differences in the SAT scores by family income since 1995.

Removing the SAT and ACT from college applications

Natalie Opager , Staff Writer March 13, 2020

Colleges in California and around the United States have been making the ACT and SAT optional on the college application in 2020 with hopes to include more diversity and level the playing field for students’...

Classic summer camp shirt

Is tie dye coming back in style?

Natalie Opager, Staff Writer March 6, 2020

Currently there has been a reappearance in tie dye around media. Tie dye was invented in 1909 and was called tied and dyed. It originated in Japan and Indonesia with ancient resist-dyeing techniques and...

Forecasting Logo. Photo by Nick Youngson.

Is AP forecasting too early?

Halle Isaak, Staff Writer February 7, 2020

AP forecasting is coming up here in a week and I’ve always wondered “why are we doing this so early?” For myself, I know that I change my mind over what classes I want to take the next year constantly,...

Kylie Hadden, a junior here at Wilsonville High School.

Is Boba worth the time and money?

Natalie Opager, Staff Writer January 31, 2020

A common discussion between my peers is the debate over whether Boba is worth the time, money and the taste. Boba is a drink containing tapioca balls and can be in milk tea, smoothies, or in iced coffee,...

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