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Wilsonville High School Super Bowl predictions

Meghann Yochim, Academic Editor January 31, 2020

As the end of January rolls around, football fans all over Wilsonville and the United States are gearing up and hunkering down to watch the 2020 Super Bowl LIV. This year, the San Francisco 49ers are...

Rey and Kylo

Star Wars Episode IX “The Rise of Skywalker”

Kade Palmer, Staff Writer January 12, 2020

Star Wars Episode IX, The Rise of Skywalker. One of the best Disney created Star Wars movie I've personally seen. I did not leave the theater once and I have a short attention span and get bored easily,...

The Oregon State Memorial Union.  Photo by Wikimedia commons.

Our future hinges on the price of college

Aly Johnston, Editor-in-chief December 19, 2019

College is expensive. The grass is green, the sky is blue, and going to a university costs an arm and a leg.  I grew up just accepting this as a fact. As I go about my senior year, though, the words...

Does Frozen 2 deserve the hype?

Fiona Dunn, Staff writer December 9, 2019

Back in the medieval age, when iPhones were still single digits and President Obama was still president, a movie was released that took the world by storm. The world of pop culture swooned, and soon shirts,...

Students studying for their finals.

First semester finals need to remain before Winter Break

Finlay Dunn, Sports Director December 8, 2019

Due to the fact that school starts far before September, there has been much recent debate for when first semester finals should take place. Some people also feel that students are not prepared after a...

Teenagers have found a home with social media, but being so comfortable can lead to thoughtless choices. Photo credit Pexels

Thoughtless words through one-way glass

Aly Johnston, Editor-in-chief November 20, 2019

Navigating social media is tricky, especially for its main population of teenagers. Adults that grew up without social media find it easy to criticize teenagers for using social media so frequently....

The photo above is grades on a grade sheet. Students put a lot of pressure on themselves to get good marks.

Are grades really that important?

Aly Johnston, Editor-in-chief November 4, 2019

Last Friday marked the end of the quarter for Wilsonville students. After completing assignments, taking tests, and perhaps making up some late work, final grades were put in. For some students, a sigh...

Favorite halloween candy

Favorite halloween candy

October 29, 2019

Obviously this is the question of the season. What is everyone’s favorite Halloween candy and why should it be the best. I asked anyone and everyone I talk to and also a lot of extra students what their...

Should senior year be the hardest?

Should senior year be the hardest?

Miranda Platt, Staff Writer October 9, 2019

Some people say that senior year should be harder than others. That we should have things keep getting harder because that’s how college will work and we need to be ready but I highly disagree. I feel...

Student opinions on the Trump impeachment inquiry

Student opinions on the Trump impeachment inquiry

Noelle Schaaf, staff writer October 4, 2019

President Donald Trump has been under investigation lately regarding accusations made against him. These accusations saying that he is using his power with foreign nationals, specifically the Ukraine,...

Confusion present in OSAA rankings

Confusion present in OSAA rankings

Anthony Saccente, Staff Writer September 19, 2019

Confusion Present in OSAA Rankings For the Oregon Schools Activities Association (OSAA), the manner in which rankings are constructed apply differently than professional leagues such as the MLB and...

Senior Aly Johnston smiles on her doorstep before her first day of kindergarten. Photo credit Aly Johnston.

Enjoying the firsts and treasuring the lasts

Aly Johnston, Editor-in-chief September 5, 2019

When you’re in the thick of it, high school seems like it’s going to drag on forever. Recently, though, I’ve learned that the end comes up quickly. Today, I enjoyed my last “first day” of...

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