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Baseball players are slowing games down

Baseball players are slowing games down

Anthony Saccente, Staff Writer September 3, 2019

Over the last decade, even die-hard baseball fans have been annoyed about the length of baseball games. People buy their tickets and sit in the stands for a 9-inning affair to be entertained by 9 men out...

Grande mess

Grande mess

Anthony Saccente, Staff Writer September 3, 2019

The unholy smell of the earthly and crummy coffee beans that have been turned into a steamed milk mess of pumpkin spice latte traveled up through my nose and completely stunted my smell for the whole day....

Stressing about homework

The course with no meaning

Anthony Saccente, Staff Writer August 30, 2019

Academic Seminar is an impractical subperiod sandwiched in between each and every student' 1st and 2nd Period. It's intended purpose is to "address work avoidance behaviors for middle and high school students...

Pictured above is senior Ally Finkbeiner, who was surprised to see the

Opinions on forecasting?

Meghann Yochim, Academics Editor August 30, 2019

Almost all of Wilsonville High School’s students look forward to the day when new schedules are released. The feeling is still bittersweet, because while we do get to start a new chapter, this email...

Dancers and one of the coaches  in the beginning of preforming tryout routine.

New dance team

Aylenna Busse, Staff writter May 19, 2019

The dance team last years was one of the best years to be on the team, as for last year the dancers became so close and became sisters. They were always there for one another and always willing to help...

Communication photo from pixaby.

Should communication programs be funded by the government?

Mackenzie Waterfield, Staff Writer May 10, 2019

The field of communication fosters a platform where open-minded individuals alike can express themselves. Though these media outlets are devoid of the financial support that is public funding by the federal...

Lunch reviews with Lucie and Kali: Jamba Juice

Lunch reviews with Lucie and Kali: Jamba Juice

Lucie White and Kali Connell May 3, 2019

This week we’re going to do a little less obvious of a lunch destination but equally as good. If you’re a big breakfast eater or snack throughout the day and just want a little something during lunch,...

Endgame Review

Endgame Review

Cameron Forsberg, Staff Writer April 29, 2019

Before you keep reading this go watch Avengers: Endgame.  This was probably the best movie in the last decade. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done something no other has.  And they ended it in the...

A good class is more than its content!

What makes a fun class?

lex edmiston, staff writer April 26, 2019

As a high school senior, I have had many classes that I have had to take and strongly disliked. However, there are some classes I have liked a lot. In fact, some could say I’ve actually loved these classes....

Econ scandal

Cameron Forsberg, Staff Writer April 22, 2019

There is only one class of AP Economics this year compared to the three classes last year.  Last year it was Microeconomics and this year it is Macroeconomics. As the days count down to the AP exam date...

The controversy over Tiger Woods' Masters title

The controversy over Tiger Woods’ Masters title

Meghann Yochim, staff writer April 21, 2019

This past Sunday, April 14th, Tiger Woods won the Masters after a fourteen year break. Many praised his ability to return and dominate in golf, especially after the many injuries and hardships he faced...

Top 3 reasons why going to boulder gym is better than prom

Top 3 reasons why going to boulder gym is better than prom

Ian Flynn, Staff Writer April 18, 2019

Prom was a little bit of a disaster. That’s why WBN members, TJ Hagen, and Oliver Hardt, chose to go to the Circuit bouldering gym in Tigard.   Reason #1: The Cost   Prom tickets...

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