“It was good to be back.”

Band and Choir perform their first concert of the year


Fiona Dunn

The chalkboard in Ms. K’s room was being used as a countdown until the concert–It is pictured above the afternoon after the performance.

On the evening of Wednesday, June 9th, both choir and band gathered in what would be their first live performance in over a year-and-a-half. Miguel Tejeda, a junior a callepaist in Soul’d Out explained that “Singing together once again was really fun and it seemed so surreal.” 

The Soul’d Out program featured two seniors, and Tejeda named them the best performers of the night: “I think our best performances were our senior solos, just cause of the fact it was their last time being able to sing and they both did really well, like for Soul’d Out. They both killed the show, and it was really sad, but it was bittersweet cause it was so good but it was also super sad.”

In terms of the band’s performance, Tejeda had only positive things to say. “Mr. Davies got really emotional because it was their last concert with their 17 seniors. And, so I heard they did really well–and we had the Jazz Band for one of our songs and they performed amazingly.”

All-in-all Tejeda said it was an amazing experience, and it felt like a step in the right direction (in terms of life returning to normal). He also mentioned how nice it was to see all of the performers’ parents in the crowd supporting their students.

Singing together once again was really fun and it seemed so surreal.”

— Miguel Tejeda