Make it a December to remember!

Christmas lights are worth the time and planning! Many students are celebrating before the time flies by!

Siona Ruud

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January 14, 2022

Michele Van Kleef

Young Siona Ruud and Alina Jakobson visiting the Bridgeport Christmas Tree. This tree is a staple of many people’s holiday traditions, since it in in the center of Bridgeport Village, where many people do their holiday shopping.

December, for about 90% of the American population, is a time to celebrate. One tradition for most is admiring the beauty of Christmas lights, either around their neighborhood or visiting a presentation of lights.

Connor Larsen, a sophomore and fellow WBN writer, shares his personal experience with the struggle of wanting to see lights, but being limited to around town. When asked if he had ever been to see Christmas lights, he responded with, “we’ve always wanted to, but we’ve never gone to further areas, it’s always just been around the neighborhood.” He continues to express how it is often difficult to have a plan and be able to follow through with the schedule.

Others take advantage of what is accessible to them, such as WVHS student Zoe Beyl. She and her family enjoy riding home during December and seeing all of the pretty lights on houses being displayed!

Making up for celebration lost during COVID can make this year feel stressful. Although, I feel although this is a key event during the holiday season. So this year, try your best to visit some lights! You can enjoy the decorations around the school too!