Class of 2026: what to expect?


Macy Moore

Incoming freshmen and Link Crew leaders mingle at the recent freshman orientation. Link Crew is one of the ways in which older students can offer advice and guidance for new Wildcats.

Here comes the new school year, and with it, the class of 2026! Incoming freshmen are gearing up for their first year at Wilsonville High School. Every class shares the experience of coming to a new school as a freshman. Encountering new classes, students, teachers, and workloads may leave some freshmen feeling overwhelmed. This is why it is important for upperclassmen to share their own advice and experiences, to help the incoming Wildcats adjust as best they can.

Kyra Lorio, a current senior, reflected on their time as a freshman: “High school has a lot of classes, and once you get behind it can be really hard to catch up.” It is seemingly well known that falling behind in high school is less than ideal, so making sure to stay on top of assignments is an important focus for incoming students to be aware of.

Regardless of workload and time management, upperclassmen also recall having difficulty navigating forecasting. Henri Villeneuve, a senior, regards the opportunities he wishes he knew he had as a freshman: “I wish I knew that you can take more classes than what the forecasting shows you. If I knew I could have taken more classes, I definitely would have.” Making sure to take the path that will lead you to the most success in high school is important. Utilize your counselors and teachers, and make sure you know your options as early as possible in order to set yourself up for success. 

Most importantly, freshmen should go into the new school year with excitement and a willingness to learn. High school is one of the most pivotal times in a person’s life, and enjoying it is by far the most important thing. Study hard, get involved in clubs, make new friends, and use your time wisely because it goes by quickly, and will be over faster than you think.