The perfect leadership opportunity: starting a club


Taylor Hadden

Book Club meets for their first meeting of the new year. It is a student founded and student run club at Wilsonville High School.

Starting a club is a great leadership experience at Wilsonville High School. Students make the decision to start clubs for a multitude of reasons. Whether to provide community for those who need it, bond over hobbies, or work together to better the world, clubs are a great way to become more involved at school. 

Starting a club can also be a wonderful way for students to gain a voice. Affinity groups are the perfect example of this. 

Anthea Goh, a current senior, has founded two widely successful clubs at Wilsonville High School: The Asian Pacific Islander (API) Club and Book Club. “My favorite thing about running a club is being able to start something and form a new community in the school, specifically a community that I am passionate about,” she commented.

Wilsonville High School already has a wide variety of clubs. From martial arts to volunteering, there are plenty of opportunities for students to explore. 

One of the newest additions to the club list in 2022 will be the Cultural Appreciation Club. Founders Anthony Herrera and Sean Colyer are bringing a space in which students can unite across many different cultures and backgrounds. 

Students are starting clubs for all the right reasons. Anthony Herrera is actively promoting community within the school, and giving students the opportunity to truly connect. “I wanted to start a club primarily for the outreach of students. Just to talk to students and get to know more people.”

Founding a club is simpler than it seems. The basic process includes drafting a club idea, emailing Mr. Davis ([email protected]) with a club proposal, and finally promotion and recruitment.

If anyone is considering founding a club, it is a wonderful opportunity to become better connected with the Wilsonville High School community– do it!