Boys basketball bounces back with big win over Parkrose


Greg Artman

Senior Maxim Wu shoots a free throw. The Cats will face Putnam on Friday.

After their first league loss in 8 years less than a week ago, in a game that Wilsonville did not look themselves, questions swirled around this squad that has been a dominant force in 5A over the last decade, not to mention won the state championship last year.

Wilsonville answered all of those questions in a commanding 61-38 victory over the Parkrose broncos, Kallen Gutridge Wilsonville’s leading scorer this season only managed 13 points however his impact was felt less in the scoring column and more in the contributions he gave Wilsonville defensively and with energy.

Gutridge had multiple steals and tipped passes, two of which led to ferocious dunks that helped turn the tide in favor of Wilsonville. With only a 3-point lead at halftime (28-25) more questions crowded the minds of the Wilsonville faithful who have grown accustomed to dominated inner conference opponents.

However, the Wilsonville defense locked down in the second half only allowing 6 points to Broncos players, and with the scoring help of Nick Colyer, and Kyle Counts Wilsonville pulled away.

Gutridge spoke on the importance of this league win this late in the season “It felt good to get back on track, any win feels good this late in the season.”

With the first round of the playoffs a month away Gutridge wanted to make it clear Wilsonville was not overlooking any opponent or looking ahead towards the playoffs. “We have to focus on every in front of us to set ourselves up for the playoffs, we are not worried about the playoffs until we get through our league opponents.”

Gutridge’s theory will be put to the test Friday night when the Cats travel to Putnam for another NWOC matchup, that will help decide what seed both of those teams could end up with in the post season.