Student motivation: Tussles and triumphs

As we near the end of the quarter, what keeps students motivated?


Hannah Wilken

Abbie Memmott (left), Reese Buchanan (center), and Mia Poppe (right), all juniors scrounge together the motivation to work on their projects. They are feeling the strain of a long school day and lots of focused effort.

After the brief rejuvenation of a new semester, Wilsonville students are once again starting the feel the weight of their academic responsibilities pressuring their minds and schedules. Many scholars wonder to themselves; “How can I stay motivated under the duress of a motivational slump?” For many, half the battle is just clearing their schedules and their minds and sitting down to work.

Senior George Peykanu says he spends around 30 minutes to two and a half hours on homework each night. “Staying on top of my school work, it’s mostly just habitual. If you did it in the past, you kinda just continue to do it.”

Not only does Peykanu have a strong work ethic, he also shares some advice with students who are struggling to find that motivation to get all their schoolwork done.

The biggest thing is just sitting down and opening your work in front of you… that’s the hardest task that anyone has.

— George Peykanu

He continues to share “Once you get to the point where you’ve set up everything, the barrier to entry is basically nullified.”

Also staying up on her school work is Junior, Talia Valdez. She has homework from a few of her classes every week and says she averages about two hours of homework completion time per night. “I want to get good grades, so I try to do good.”

Valdez advises students who are struggling with motivation to “Give yourself a reward” and to “Take breaks. That’s really important.”