The stress of finding a roommate for college


Jenna Weiss

Jenna Weiss, Wilsonville alumni, photographed her dorm room at the University of Arizona. Jenna roomed with someone she found on Instagram.

Congrats! The hard work is done and you are finally committed to a college. At least that’s what you thought. However, there is that one last burden that begins to take priority: finding a roommate.

Your roommate can be a vital aspect of your first year of college, it can be a positive aspect, but it has the possibility of being a negative one. Finding the perfect roommate can be a long, repetitive, and stressful process. After weeks, and even months of looking, there is a possibility that you are still left without a roommate.

There are many resources available for finding roommates: Instagram, Zeemee, random, etc. 

Liza Locke, a senior, will be attending Grand Canyon University in the fall. She has already found a roommate and shares her experience.

Liza explained how social media allowed her to, “look for people that have a similar style and interests and that are pretty clean and organized.”

Finding roommates on social media platforms such as Instagram can be very hard, hence you are communicating with them through DM’s and not in person. It can be challenging to depict their true personality through a screen, but Liza expressed how “this is a risk you take when doing both random or through social media so I’m not too worried about it as everyone is in the same situation.” 

Social media isn’t the only option when looking for a roommate. Clara Hildebrand, also a senior, shared “I am planning on finding a roommate through randomization because I want to meet new people.” A random roommate can be intimidating at first since you have to live with someone you have never met before, but it is a quick way to make friends.

Finding a roommate brings out many pros and cons. You can either become amazing friends with your roommate or not. They could be very messy compared to your extreme cleanliness, or you could have dissimilar bedtimes. That is why the stress of finding a roommate begins to prevail during your senior year of high school.