WVHS students react to the 2023 Oscars


Jack Barrett

Grace Kelso watches the Oscars in class. Students appreciated that the stars left the drama in the movies.

The 95th Academy Awards were dominated by one of the best films in the last decade, according to many critics. Fans unite over the incredible prize movie.

Oftentimes the Oscars are a balance of many different films winning different category awards, representing a mixture of genres. But, the 2023 Academy Awards were dominated by one movie that set Hollywood on fire. 

“Everything Everywhere All At Once,” won the most above-the-line Oscars ever. With seven awards claimed, the audience was stunned. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best film editing, and Best Original Screenplay. 

“The film stands out as one of the most original movies to come along in years,” critic Robin Holabird states.

A week before the Oscars night, it was clear that Wilsonville students were in total agreement with what was about to happen.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once will win,” replied Rayan Renison. 

Grace Tuecke stated, “I think Everything Everywhere All At Once was very good, and I’m sure it has a very good chance of winning everything.”  

Malia Kaleikilo picked a different movie; she favored Avatar.  “Compared to the other movies I think there’s a lot of work in technology put into it.”

While the Academy Awards are often up for debate, and it’s really more about what strikes each individual, and what moves movie audiences, this year was about domination by one movie, which is very rare.  We didn’t see the many big awards handed out to multiple movies, but instead saw the most popular movie of the year take home just about all of the trophies.  

Everything Everywhere All At Once not only set records with the number of awards won, but it also made history in other ways.  Asian talent dominated. It’s an important and hopeful reminder that Asian representation doesn’t have to include cliche stereotypes or tokenism disguised as diversity to be worthy of the Oscars. 

This week after the Oscars ended, students reviewed the results from the Academy Awards. All of the students said that they were not surprised that Everything Everywhere All At Once won so many awards. 

Grace Tuecke said, “I think it was so deserved and all the actors did a great job, especially Ke Huy Quan, he really deserved his award and his speech about not giving up on your dreams was really moving.”

Besides the recognition and congratulations to actors and actresses, an Academy Award can play a crucial role in the success of the major winners. The best picture award, for example, can significantly increase the box office earnings of the winning film. So overall, the Oscars are an important event in pop culture.