In need of a prom dress? Abby’s Closet is there for you!

Abby’s closet is trying to get our attention! If you’re in need of a prom dress, Abby’s Closet got it for you!


Find a beautiful prom dress like the one pictured from Abby’s Closet. Check out the event at the convention center this Saturday March 18, 2023.

Abby’s Closet is a non-profit organization based in Oregon which was founded in 2004. They are trying to help inspire confidence in women in high school by providing free Formal Dresses for prom.

If you go around our school, WHS, you see many fliers advertising this amazing organization. Not only is this advertised in our school, but it’s advertised in over 250 different schools in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

As we are getting closer to prom, some may struggle with not being able to afford prom dresses, finding dresses, or needing a dress at the last minute! Since prom dresses can range from $100- $400, having an opportunity to be able to borrow or get a free dress from this organization is greatly appreciated.

Principal Kelly Schmidt is very involved in Abby’s Closet and has been for the past four to five years. “I love Abby’s Closet, I have been to the convention, and I think it’s really cool how it’s all about female empowerment.”

Fortunately, Abby’s Closet is a huge help. So many of these dresses are so beautiful and they provide many different styles. Located at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, this is occurring on March 18-19th!

40,000 dresses have already been given away and thankfully there are so many more!  Thankfully, they have many ranges of sizes and dresses from long to short. Items they do not take are used shoes, wedding dresses, tuxedos, and casual attire.

Everyone loves to see these organizations out there, helping everyone if they are in need!  Now, you also have the opportunity to donate to give dresses to people in need of one!

If you are looking to find a dress, or donate to girls in need of a dress, be sure to look at Abby’s Closet! The organization’s email is, [email protected], and their number is 503-722-1524.